4 Week Trend: Weather until June 6th

4 Week Trend: Weather until June 6th

By King GrebondMeteorologist

Every Thursday, the 4 week weather trend is updated. The latter presents mostly weather forecasts for the next four weeks until June 6th.

Finally May promises to be much more troublesome than April, and finally the rain will return to the north and south. Nevertheless, its predecessor can be followed from a thermal perspective. Will have to wait until early June to reconnect with the summer weather.

Here is the overall trend expected for the next 4 weeks

Week 1: May 10-16

The beginning of the week will be marked by strong rain and storm damage from the southeast to the northeast of the country and the southeast quarter. After the weekend heat peak, the temperature will drop significantly below normal. The weather for the Ascension Bridge will be very mixed.

Week 2: May 17-23

The weather will be more mixed this week, but the storm will be less. Interruption passages can be interspersed with beautiful sunny spells. With respect to temperature, the values ​​are often lower than normal.

Week 3: May 24 to 30

The weather should gradually dry up by the end of May, which will not prevent some obstacles from moving south. In the north, the sun will be high and temperatures will return to seasonal norms.

Week 4: May 30 to June 6

Therefore, only in late May and early June should the summer climate be set with a general return of sun and heat. We will go above the seasonal rules. Note, Risk of thunderstorms in the south.

In the end, After colder than April, marked by severe late frosts, our country should return to May for a much cooler and clearer wet month. The return of rain would be good news for a shallow drought. For sun and heat lovers, it is necessary to wait until the beginning of June.

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