Warner Bros.  Looking for a black actor and director for the movie "Black Superman"

Warner Bros. Looking for a black actor and director for the movie “Black Superman”

An adaptation of DC Comics for the new superhero film written by Da-Nehisi Coates.

It will be a new revolution in Hollywood, and in the struggle to bring diversity and representation to the screen. Magazine Hollywood Reporter Warner Bros. and DC announce that they are currently producing a new movie Superman With a black actor to play the title role and a black director to direct. This project Black Superman, Persuaded for several months, worn by an African-American writer Ta-nehisi Coats, Is currently writing the script for this new iteration Superman With J.J. Abrams For production.

The latter understood the importance of such a project on a historical-cultural level and would not seek to realize it for themselves. So the studio brings to the screen this script written by a black filmmaker Coates, which should not be released in mid-December.

This is what the Hollywood Reporter mentions Black Superman Will not be part of the currently running DC Universe (with Justice League, Flash Like …) but very much inspired by the original comics. Coates Hero “Coming to Earth from Krypton. It could be a historical film set in the 20th century.”

Chess DC Comics, Black Superman His name is Calvin Ellis, from his cryptonic name Galel. It first appeared in the comics in 2009 The final crisis He was also the President of the United States!

So who is creating this identity identity role? All American newspapers reported this morning on Michael B. Came to mind the alternative of Jordan Hope, Tried in recent years to edit a movie Black Superman With Warner Bros. It never worked. This time the opportunity seems perfect.

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