The giant forest butterfly is struggling to fly to find the heaviest in Australia

The giant forest butterfly is struggling to fly to find the heaviest in Australia

AT Papillon The theft was found to be large enough to cost him Australia.

An unsuspecting businessman worked on a construction site at Mount Cotton State School in south Redland. Queensland, When he discovered the giant butterfly.

Regardless of the initial reaction of many, the school is very excited to own the site, and its social media page says it was an “amazing” discovery.

Director Megan Stewart said the butterfly was released back into the nearby forest to the same size as “two fists together”. This is certainly not for everyone’s convenience, but photos of the animal were taken before leaving the classroom.

Due to its size, the creature has difficulty supporting its own weight on the plane.

Queensland Museum entomologist Dr. Christine Lampkin identified the creature as a wild butterfly and told ABC Radio: “They fly very badly.

“In most cases, when women emerge, they climb a tree or a fence post stump and wait until they find men.

“The breed stretches from northern Queensland to southern New South Wales.

“The female’s wingspan is 25 cm. It weighs up to 30 grams. ”

These moths are also not very common in Australia, but according to Dr. Lampkin they are not rare or unusual.

Suddenly the common little moths you see in the UK don’t even look so bad.

The school shared photos of its giant moth on its Facebook page, with one commentator saying, “I love this! However, never open the windows again, ”said another, who said he was“ karate panicked ”when he saw it.

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