No submission has been received for the acquisition of the Basque Adventure Park in the United States

No submission has been received for the acquisition of the Basque Adventure Park in the United States

The tender closed on Monday afternoon.

As Mayor Jean-Pierre Riox says, I’m just disappointed that no buyer came forward.

He still believes in the possibility of finding a buyer for this infrastructure, which has been the property of the city for nearly three years, although the call for tenders has not found anyone interested.

For now, we have no orientation as to where we will take this. We give each other some time, He argues.

Jean-Pierre Rioux wants the Basque Adventure Park case in the United States to be settled before the end of his term as mayor of Trois-Pistols in November. (Archives)

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Mr. Riox wants to see improvements in this file in the summer or before the November municipal elections.

He wants the file to be resolved before the end of Trois-Pistols’ term as mayor, as he will not be running for mayor in the next election.

It would be great because it has been around for years. […] This is a drag file, but we will not do it in a hurry or in a hurry.

An excerpt from:Jean-Pierre Riox, mayor of Trois-Pistol

According to the mayor of Trois-Pistol, it is important to maintain the tourist elements of the site.

There are still criteria we have exposed at the level of this sales offer. There is nothing soft about this. So, for now, if someone comes forward and has some details to fix, we will take the time to see him, but the tourism aspect is part of the decoration of this tool., He argues in this regard.

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The Basque Adventure Park in the United States has been closed since 2016.

Based on information provided by Patrick Bergeron

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