NFL | In the footsteps of Benjamin St.-Juste

NFL |  In the footsteps of Benjamin St.-Juste

“He was at the short end of the field when he played for me. So, on this side where they have the best receiver, I know I’m in business. I have no more worries, I know he’s going to do that job.”

Frederick DuchessFrederick Duchess

During the three seasons of Benjamin Saint-Germain at Old Montreal, Denise Duchess was the defensive coordinator for the Spartans from 2014 to 2016.

“Athlete he took it. Bigger, faster. Athletes like that, not much spent here, especially in this situation. It’s an easy position to break the status quo,” he said of his former cornerback, drafted at 74.e Last Friday night queue.

Duchess now occupies the same functions with the carabiners of the University of Montreal, although he has not yet been able to participate in any training. His appointment to the head coach Marco Ideluka’s team took effect on March 12, 2020. A few days ago you know what.

Photo by Marco Campanosi, archiving the press

Denise Duchess, Carabins Defensive Coordinator at the University of Montreal

Among his former defenders, the defensive coordinator did not remember the athletic qualities above Scrum. But so are its protocols. Characteristic of the student-athlete who progresses gradually from year to year.

“Benjamin, I can quote a guy who had the discipline to achieve this goal.” He worked to keep it. I remember the bench like that. More than barriers and interruptions. ”

Nicholas of the same year in Saint-Germain left the Spartans at the end of the 2016 season. The latter left for the University of Michigan and its coach, Bishop University, with the guitars, of which he is still head coach.

Photo Maxim Picard, La Tribune Archives

Sheriff Nicholas, head coach of the Bishop University Gaiters

Sheriff Nicholas just discovered he was now 23 years old in high school.

Nevertheless, Benjamin St. Joste, who came from the wolves of the Q-Antoine-label school, had to do the way of the cross just like the other men. In his first campaign, in 2014, the Spartans beat D’Or as in Division 1, he was basically a Roll player.

The next summer, he crossed the border to attend camps.

“So I know it’s his dream to play in the NCAA and do the NFL,” Nicholas says. This is something he openly spoke about even when he was young. ”

However, the young man realized that he had a lot of work to do to achieve his goals.

One when the University of Michigan awarded him Scholarship, Among other things, he understood that he would have to resort to certain courses to qualify for study in the United States.

“I saw a young man growing up there as a young man. A lot of young people talk about their goal, but not only do some have the ability to get there, they are able to make all the sacrifices necessary, ”says Serif Nicholas, who has compiled a record of 56-26 in his seven seasons. Led by the Spartans.

After his second season in Old Montreal, Benjamin took part in the Nike The Open in St.-Juste USA, an academy and summer camp in both education and competition.

I think those were the decisions he made [étaient prises] As a function of being seen and making itself known. He did it the way he wanted.

Denise Duchess, former Defensive Coordinator of Chekhov du Viex Montreal Spartans

When he returned, Saint-Juste went to see Nicholas in his office, undecided about his third year with the Spartans.

“Later, when he announced his return to me, he was a more mature guy who knew what he had to do and you saw what obstacles he was going to try to overcome,” says Nicholas, who studied law for six years before returning to football.

In the end, would St.-Juste have dominated these three college seasons?

The word “dominance”, I do not use it easily, reduces Nicholas. But he is one of the best players. At his age, he was the best in his position, that’s for sure. ”

“It’s not easy to throw against him. When the recipients see themselves in front of them, it’s not easy for them,” Denise Duchess summarizes.

A young “very sensible”

After three seasons of dating, we have every right to believe that coaches have a certain boost on their players.

“I do not give a damn about his talent, his greatness and his athleticism. I believe I said two or three things that motivated him to have this discipline. Because when I was in Le Vieques there was a phrase I would often say: “Make the right choices.” But of course, Nicholas says he went there on his own merits. For me, it was a privilege to have had the opportunity to meet him. ”

Denise Duchess, director of the College Notre-Dame, recalled a young man who had the tools and attitude to go his own way. A “hard worker about his business, but very sensible”.

He holds a degree in Sociology from the University of Michigan and a Masters in Sports Management from the University of Minnesota, and was a founding member of the 6’3 ”, 202 LP Montreal College Athletic Solidarity, an association representing the Big Ten student-athletes.

“I’m glad he came out of his shell. At this level, his personality took him somewhere else. At the end of the day, we want to make good citizens with them. So, it’s fun to come out. It’s, to me, a lot of value.”

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