LATAM Airlines: Zero waste in 2027, carbon neutral in 2050

LATAM Airlines: Zero waste in 2027, carbon neutral in 2050

Flight crew Lottom Airlines Released a new strategy Sustainable development, Among other things, aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, fill zero waste by 2027, and protect South America’s identity ecosystems.

Strategy for the next 30 years There are four works published by the first Latin American panel on May 5, 2021: “Environmental Management, Climate Change, Circular Economy and Value Sharing”, all “designed in collaboration with experts and environmental organizations across the continent”.

To the axis of Climate change, The group announced that it is trying to reduce its emissions by integrating sustainable fuels (SAF) and “new astronomical technologies available from 2035″. ” The environment cannot wait 15 years to have the technologies needed to reduce emissions. This is why we will work in parallel to promote these changes and offset our emissions with nature-based solutions. Roberto Alvo, CEO of Lottom Airlines Group, said in a statement.

The LATAM team will contribute by creating a portfolio of security plans and other security initiatives It accounts for 50% of its national emissions By 2030, thus “there should be a path Carbon neutral by 2050 . LATAM will compensate for the same amount of CO2 emissions that customers receive).

basicallyCircular economyTo achieve this, the LATAM team is committed to promoting a “culture of elimination, mitigation, reuse and recycling throughout the process”. 2027 Group level that does not generate any waste on the terrain. To do this, single-use plastics will be removed before 2023, and the recycling plan on board will be extended to all domestic lines. All LATAM Airport Lounge Will be made “100% stable”. Similarly, the team will implement an Elastic circulation Plan to replace uniforms in all countries, and materials on board with compost, recyclable or certified materials.

Regarding Properties to share, The group explains in a press release that “it will increase the capacity to carry goods and people for health projects, natural disaster management and environmental protection.” Since the outbreak began, Thanks to the Solidarity flight program, “more than 29.4 million vaccines, more than 1,400 health professionals, more than 490 tons of medical equipment and more than 1,500 organs and tissues have been transported free of charge to its subsidiaries in South America. At the same time, the project carried out the transport of 10 stem cells to people with leukemia. ”

Finally, in connection Environmental management, The LATAM team will set up a transparent system that will “allow environmental systems to be taken into account” in all the processes of a team, an organization that will have the Environmental Certification (IEnvA) throughout its operation – a standard in the field issued by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

One of the “most important” announcements is the first step of a Collaboration avec Nature Conservancy (TNC), To plan conservation and deforestation activities in the continental identity ecosystems. The TNC is a global ecosystem that works “through science” to create solutions to our planet’s most important challenges so that nature and people can grow together. ” With more than 35 years of experience in Latin America, it shows that forest reforestation and regeneration can effectively contribute to the goals of the Nationally Regulated Contributions (NDCs). TNC believes that multidisciplinary cooperation accelerates the implementation of nature-based solutions to mitigate the effects of climate change, protect biodiversity and create a more prosperous future for people on the continent. Said Ian Thompson, managing director of the Nature Conservancy (TNC) in Brazil.

« We face one An important moment in human history, With a severe climate crisis and an epidemic that has transformed our society. It is not enough to do the routine today. As a team, we have a responsibility to go further in the search Collaborative Solutions. We want to be an actor who promotes the social, environmental and economic development of the region; Therefore, we make a commitment aimed at contributing to the protection of ecosystems and the well-being of the people of South America, making it the best place for all of us. », Deklar Roberto Alvo, CEO of Lottom Airlines Group.

Lottom Airlines is the only airline in the United States and one of the three global groups listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI), A code that rewards the economic, environmental and social character of companies.

LATAM Airlines: Zero waste in 2027, carbon neutral 1 air journal in 2050


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