Fontos lenne 1,5 Celsius-fokban maximálni a globális felmelegedést

It is important to increase global warming by 1.5 degrees Celsius

Nearly half of global sea ice has been melting since 1993, and experts have long warned that the Antarctic ice sheet will disappear at a much faster pace than most pessimistic scenes. Science-Education News Portal.

An international research team of about 50 people has now compared hundreds of melting simulations of Antarctica and Greenland’s ice forests, which have enough frozen water to raise the world’s oceans by about 65 meters. Climate researchers have also taken into account the melting patterns of more than 220,000 glaciers on Earth.

According to a study published in the scientific journal Nature, with global temperatures rising by 1.5 degrees Celsius, the average sea level rise from melting ice will be 13 centimeters by the end of the century, compared to the 25 centimeters currently forecast.

According to the analysis, the sea level rise caused by the melting of the Greenland ice sheet will decrease by 70 percent, while the contribution of terrestrial glaciers will be almost halved. However, for Antarctica, the predictions are not so clear. Antarctica has a 95 percent chance of contributing less than 56 centimeters to sea level rise by 2100, according to estimates.

However, according to a “more desperate situation”, the contribution of the ice continent will be even greater even if it manages to increase global warming by one and a half degrees.

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