With Joe Biden, is the definition of “rich” starting to change?

With Joe Biden, is the definition of "rich" starting to change?

Joe Biden wasted no time in launching his campaign. Will American voters resign themselves to follow the characteristic economy of left-wing politics? Analysis of John Lowe, an American lawyer and a member of the Republican Foreign France, in Rachel Marston’s microphone.

There is a conflict going on between Joe Biden and the Republicans to win the hearts of the United States, the middle and working class.

Although these voters were numerous in Donald Trump’s camp, they were often provoked by talking about “America’s forgotten men and women,” and Joe Biden seems to want to do what he can to win them back. In a speech to Congress last week, the US President said:The middle class and working people in this country are already paying adequate taxes. It is time for Corporate America and the richest 1% of Americans to start paying their fair share.He presented his employment plan, which will cost $ 2.3 trillion to repair infrastructure – which is generally controlled by state governments – and make the United States more climate-friendly.

Is this really the right strategy to impress this half of the country that voted for Trump, who rejects the nanny government and wants to impose lower taxes, so they can keep as much money as possible in their pockets? How do Republicans plan for the massive redistribution of Biden’s desired wealth that could benefit Trump’s election platform? John Lowe, an American lawyer and member of the Republican Foreign France, impresses Donald Trump voters with one goal:

“Joe Biden is preparing for the 2022 election by giving a lot of Americans more money. As soon as he got to the White House, there was a $ 2,000 billion aid program that voted to fight the Govt.

Joe Biden also described his “plan for American families” to fund free tuition fees for nearby universities, preschools and sick leave. He says the cost will be offset by increased corporate taxes and taxes on the income of “rich” Americans – those earning more than $ 400,000 a year. John Lowe is skeptical and inaccurate in the face of these figures:

“You can get lost in front of these numbers, and it’s hard for the average American to understand what’s going on. The government says it will raise taxes on companies and the rich to fund this new $ 4,000 billion project. In addition, the definition of “rich” is changing. Initially, they were the ones earning more than 000 400,000 a year. Now it’s about the total number of households. We do not know if it is net or total, it is not clear. “

In the newspaper Mountain, Washington-based Republicans feared financial conservatism would become less popular and the idea would be harder to sell. Should the Republican opposition resign themselves to a more significant financial ideology on the left? According to Lowe, this is possible:

“When Donald Trump came to the White House, the debt of the United States was $ 17 trillion. When he leaves, he has $ 21 trillion. According to Republicans, ‘Who spent the best American public money: government or the public?’ That is the real question they have to face. ”

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