Touch Down News: Recruitment 2021 | Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

During the office, the Touch Down Act opens its doors to new volunteer contributors.

Every year, we first look for people who can enter news articles on the site when needed or at call intervals. This is the mandatory first step, which all current teachers have gone through before finally switching to chronicles.

If you have ideas related to video, graphics or social networking, we are openly open to applications and programs.

As every year, all candidates are tested in two articles. At least editorial autonomy is required, so not all applicants can be selected. Although the draft of the TDA is made up of very different profiles, the experience on the web is a plus. Ideally, do not hesitate to write to us from the first contact.

What we are looking for is mainly: motivation, agility and imagination. A little clarification: In these times of imprisonment and telecommunications work, some may have time, but keep in mind that participation in the life of the site is a question when everything returns to normal.

All applications should be emailed to [email protected]

Thanks !

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