Paris considers New London’s demands for the Channel Islands “null and void”

Les exigences intégrées dans les licences sont nulles si elles n

The “New requirements“Accompanied London in granting fishing recognition in the Channel Islands and especially on the island of Jersey”Null and voidThe French Maritime Ministry on Monday met with the AFP.

«If new requirements for offshore or fishing gear are incorporated into licenses, they are considered null and void, although they have not been notified to the European Commission.“The ministry told the AFP he recalled his connectionStrict compliance with the contract“Fishing negotiated as part of Brexit:”If the United Kingdom wants to introduce new rules, it must notify the European Commission, which then notifies us, allowing it to engage in dialogue later. At this point, we discovered these new technological measures that do not apply to our fishermen..

New requirements

As for Jersey Water, the UK on Friday released a list of 41 vessels.Ship tracking systemV (VMS, a vessel recording device) and authorized to fish from Saturday. This list includes new requirements “They have not been previously integrated, discussed or announced“, The ministry referred to the AFP. They mainly contain new fishing zones, signs in Jersey waters – in short,”Where ships can go, where they cannot go“.They”.Number of days“Those fishermen can spend at sea,”With what gear“, The Ministry stated.

The Ministry of Maritime informed the European Commission about these new unplanned activities: “It is the Commission that is negotiating, so we now look forward to engaging in a discussion with the United Kingdom to fully understand its meaning and to give its clarifications.“, We said from the same source.

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