Ja Morant’s extreme arrogance (and ridiculous?) Claim

Ja Morant révèle les 2 phrases de son père et sa mère qui l'ont marqué à vie

Ja Morant still has a good season with Chris Lice, and he brings his own to the gates of the playoffs. Well aware of his talent, the young leader allowed himself to make an arrogant statement During an interview with Shahul O’Neill. Do not trust this talented player!

ChrisLice has no chance of winning the 1st election of the 2019 draft, so Zion Williamson, But it was more than a gift of comfort to them. In fact, with the second choice, Memphis was selected Ja Morant The latter was quick to change the face of ownership … While everyone was talking about the rebuild, Morant turned his team directly into a contender for the playoffs.

The point guard showed faster than he was an athlete. He also knows how to manage the tempo of an encounter and manages as a clutch, which makes him one of the most confident players in the league. But when he confessed with Shahul O’Neill Postcom Show From D.N.T., Ja Morant sees himself not as the future, but as the present.

Shahul O’Neill: Ja, a lot of pundits and media rank leaders, but you, honestly, where do you fit in?

Ja Morant: This is a confirmation in the first 5. It’s so simple.

Shahul O’Neill: I approve of it.

Confidence in high-level athletes is essential, and many athletes claim to be at the forefront of their discipline. With an average of 19.1 points, 7.3 assists and 3.9 rebounds in his second season among the elite, Ja Morant is really showing a particularly transformative ability in his position … especially if he leads his own in the playoffs!

But in reality, the leader of the Chrysalis could go very fast. In fact, many conductors are currently standing alone and seem to be ahead of him in the lineup. Stephen Curry, If his Warriors are in a top position, if you consider Chris Paul, Damien Lillard, Luca Danzig, or James Horton to be the 1st post who deserves the MVP title… Ja Morant has a bright future, his confidence is needed but he should not be in the top 5 yet. It will not be long …

Ja Morant already sees himself in the league elite! If it’s a little too early, this mindset should allow it to progress and touch the summit!

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