In a few days … where and when will the Chinese missile fall? Assembly a

في غضون أيام قليلة.. أين ومتى يسقط الصاروخ الصيني؟ الجمعية الفلكية بجدة تجيب

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Wednesday 05 May 2021

Books – Youssef Affifi:

Surveillance reports revealed that a large Chinese missile was preparing to return uncontrollably back to Earth’s atmosphere, but it is not known where or when the debris will collide with our planet, but it is expected to occur within a few days or a week, says engineer Majeed Abu Zahra. President of the Astronomical Society in Jeddah.

Majeed Abu Zahra, chief engineer of the Astronomical Society in Jeddah, said the Chinese Long March 5B missile would return to Earth “unexpectedly” after launching a section of the new Chinese space station weighing 22.5 metric tons last Thursday. Its perfect orbit after it is separated. A diagram of the basic phase of the missile.

Abu Zahra added on the association’s official page on Facebook, “The return of the missile is one of the largest unrestricted returns to Earth for a spacecraft, and it is likely to land in a populated area, but the biggest possibility is that 70% of the Earth’s oceans fall into uninhabited areas.” From our planet, the chances of man being affected by space debris are very low.

He continued: For many factors involved in the calculation, such as the impact of atmospheric clouds on the base auction, it is considered difficult, impossible to plan a path to the return missile position, and it is difficult to estimate when and where the Earth’s atmosphere will expand or contract with solar activity. The missile is exactly that.

Reports indicate that the body of the missile orbits the Earth every 90 minutes, so if it changes its return time a few minutes, its return point will be thousands of kilometers away, and the orbit of the object will be inclined 41.5. Degree, which means “It goes a little farther north. Far from New York, Madrid and Beijing and south of Chile and Wellington, New Zealand and the Arab world, this is an area that could fall at any time.

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Normally, most debris is burned by combustion in the atmosphere, and only very large fragments of it reach the Earth’s surface, so China does everything it can to push the missile phase back to the ground to give an estimate.


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