Clubhouse Android version launches beta test, when will it launch?

Clubhouse Android version launches beta test, when will it launch?, Jakarta – Platform streaming audio Clubhouse Began developing beta tests for the Android version.

On their blog, Clubhouse announced an application Android Currently limited to testing for a few users, they call it a “friendly tester”.

“We look forward to welcoming more Android users to Clubhouse in the next few weeks,” Clubhouse wrote, quoting Wednesday, May 5, 2021.

Clubhouse is currently only available on the operating system iOS. To register, users need to get a call from a friend who has used the app specifically.

It is not yet known whether the Android version of Clubhouse will use the same reference method.

Clubhouse also did not specify when the Android version of the app would launch.

This site was launched last year. Its popularity has soared since it was used by celebrities in the tech world like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg.

After its appearance, other social media began to develop audio streaming features and keep up with the popularity of podcasts.

Following Clubhouse, Facebook recently announced audio-based features including soundbites and podcasts, with Twitter first coming with space.


With 9.6 million, Clubhouse downloads dropped to 922,000

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