“Schmidtoon!” Apple Original, a musical comedy series. It will be screened worldwide on July 16 on Apple TV +.

"Schmidtoon!"  Apple Original, a musical comedy series.  It will be screened worldwide on July 16 on Apple TV +.

“Shmikadoon!” Lorne Michaels’ musical comedy series starring Shirley Strong and Keegan-Michael Kee airs on July 16 on Apple TV.

“Schmidtoon!” From Apple TV Coming soon.

Martin Short will star as a guest star alongside Alan Cumming, Christine Senoweth, Fred Armissen and many more.

Apple TV + announced it “Shmikadoon!” A new 6-episode musical comedy series.Produced by Lorne Michaels, Emmy Award-nominated Cecilie Strong and Emmy Award-winning Keegan-Michael Key. It will be screened worldwide on Friday, July 16, with the first 2 episodes available. Check out new episodes every Friday

“Schmidtoon!” A musical parody of the Golden Age, Sicily Strong and Keegan-Michael Kee starred as a couple on a backbone journey to nurture their relationship. But then they discovered a magical city where everyone acted like they had fallen from a 1940s musical, and then they both discovered that they could not get out of it until they found the first season of “true love”. The six-episode series stars guest stars Alan Cumming, Christine Senoweth, Aaron Tweed, Dow Cameron, Haryana Dibos, Fred Armison, Jaime Kamil, Jane Krakowski, and Ann Harda, and Martin Short.

“Schmidtoon!”, Co-produced by Cinco Paul and Ken Durio, is produced by Broadway Video and Universal Television as part of the Universal Studio Group. Cinco Ball works as a program producer and composed all the original songs for the series. The story was directed and produced by Barry Sonenbelt. In addition to being a leading actor, Cecil Strong is working as executive producer and Ken Dario consultant, producer and writer with Andrew Singer, working with Lorne Michaels on behalf of Broadway Video.

Don’t miss the comedy series lovers! View worldwide simultaneously on July 16, 1621. Apple TV +

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