Paris is challenging the new conditions imposed by London

Paris is challenging the new conditions imposed by London
In Saint-Helier, off the coast of the British island of Jersey, in 2017.

Brexit post-conversation In fishing Conflict between France and the United Kingdom is evident after arrangements were made by London on Friday regarding fishing areas and conditions in the Channel Islands.

“If new requirements for the maritime zone are added to the fishing gear licenses, they will remain null and void, although they have not been notified to the European Commission.”, Monday (May 3) the Ministry of Maritime Agency told France-Press (AFP).

He recalled his connection “Strict compliance with the contract” Fishing talks as part of Brexit: “If the United Kingdom wants to introduce new rules, it must notify the European Commission, which allows us to engage in dialogue later. At this point, we have discovered these new technological measures that do not apply to our fishermen.”

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The European Commission will contact London

As for Jersey Waters, the United Kingdom on Friday released a list of 41 vessels equipped with the “Ship Monitoring System” – a device that records the status of ships – and the first fishing authorization since Saturday. This list is with new requirements “This has not been previously integrated, discussed or announced”, Refers to the Ministry.

They mainly contain new fishing zones, signs in Jersey waters – in short, “Where can ships go, where can they not?”. They mention “Number of days” What can sailors spend at sea, “And by what gear”, The ministry noted.

The Ministry of Maritime informed the European Commission of these new unplanned activities: “It’s the Commission that is negotiating, so we are now waiting to start a discussion with the United Kingdom to fully understand its meaning and give it clarifications.”, We said from the same source.

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In Brussels, commission spokeswoman Vivian Lunella recalled AFP on Monday evening. “No Condition” The other party must be notified with adequate notice “Concept or modification”. “In addition, such conditions cannot be discriminatory against our fishermen.”, He said, confirming that the Commission will contact UK authorities “Any particular thing” Bound.


About sixty French fishermen responded to the announcements ahead of maritime affairs in Cherbourg (Mansi) on Monday morning, ahead of a new demonstration by about sixty fishermen in Cranville on Monday afternoon.

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“It is clear that the response to the aggression against us by the Jersey authorities regarding fishing authorizations is coming. We hope that the government will take retaliatory action.”, Said Dmitry Rockoff, chairman of the Normandy Regional Fisheries Committee. “It’s been a long time since Jersey fishermen have been able to land in Cranville, as permits have come in a few drops, and with restrictions, it is clear they are no longer a question of landing in Cranville.”, He added.

Regional fisheries groups in Brittany and Normandy have called “Suspending all economic ties with Jersey, including the ferry link between Jersey and the Continent”, In a joint press release sent to AFP.

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