London and Washington for an integrated approach with the G7

London and Washington for an integrated approach with the G7

The United States and the United Kingdom are strengthening ties. In the light of the G7 summit in London, US diplomat Anthony Blingen met his British envoy for the first time.

He immediately emphasized a “special relationship” with Britain, a “lasting”, “effective” and “dynamic” relationship.

Dominic Rob also paid tribute to the Biden administration, a good introduction for both governments:

“100 days after its inception, I think it is fair to say that the Biden administration has already taken a considerable number of bold and very welcome steps on issues such as climate change, global health and human rights. It has really gained momentum in its efforts to tackle these pressing global issues.”

But after the desserts were over, the two called for an “integrated approach” to the G7, and there is a long list of issues to consider. First, relations with China, Russia and North Korea, Anthony Blinken explained at the press conference:

“Our goal is not to control or prevent China. What we are trying to do is maintain an international order based on the rules that our countries have invested so much in for decades.”

“We are very focused on Russia’s actions and the path it chooses to take. We have been very clear for a long time that President Joe Biden will respond, including before he becomes president, whether Russia chooses to act irresponsibly or aggressively. But we are not looking for expansion.”

On North Korea, Anthony Blingen clarified the US position:

“What we have now is a policy that is open to a diplomatic and pragmatic approach to diplomacy with North Korea, and we intend to explore it in an effort to achieve concrete progress that enhances state security. – United, our allies and our forces on land.”

This week’s meeting in London, for the first time in two years, surpassed the traditional G7.

Along with the Foreign Ministers of the Group of Seven Industrial Countries, Dominic Rob welcomes representatives from Australia, India, South Africa and South Korea, reflecting the growing machine of Asia-Pacific as a global growth machine.

After the meeting, which will last until Wednesday, the US Secretary of State traveled to Kiev and stationed Russian troops on the border to demonstrate US “unstable” support for Ukraine, in the context of Russian relatives on the border, in Moscow.

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