Intriguing tweet by Evan Fornier

Premier match cauchemar avec Boston pour Evan Fournier NBA

Evan Fournier, who has not been in the NBA for a long time, is back for a few games with the Celtics. Finally very good yesterday, the former Magic was the author of an intriguing report on Twitter. We are trying Understand.

Back on the ground after a long absence due to Covit-19, Evan Fornier is gradually increasing his pace. Whether the disease seriously affected him physically and psychologically, The French player begins to regain his senses, especially in the 8/10 shootout with 21 points against Portland. Outside of NBA theaters, on the other hand, the Boston player raised an eyebrow at a recent post on social media:

Leave the path of minimal resistance.

Very strange tweet, which contradicts the usual style of old magic, and it makes those who follow him question. In fact, no one really knows who this secret message is being told to at least. What is born of bizarre theories in this matter.

If we had tried to translate the text, we would have understood that Fornier is no longer forcing us to make easy choices and making better choices instead, no matter how complex they may be. We have to agree to roll up our sleeves and wipe hard. At the end of the regular season, can this call into question the attitude of the Celtics? Or will it be a simple mantra shared with his community? Many of the questions held only by the natives of Saint-Maurice were not answered.

If the first option turns out to be the right one, it will worry Boston. Seventh in the East (34-31), Bean Town’s players are particularly at odds this season, despite being led by a working group led by Jaylan Brown and Jason Todd. As a result, Brad Stevens’ team finds itself in an unfavorable position for the playoffs, as it has a win behind the last qualifying spot held by Miami.

So this is a play-in-match for Fournier and his teammates. If the Celtics are obviously favorites of this chicken, be careful not to get confused, at the risk of experiencing a very bad surprise if it is passed by Charlotte, Indiana and Washington. For this reason, the Frenchman was appointed to bring peace and experience in the hot moments. I hope this is enough.

The author of a philosophical tweet, Evan Fornier, has donated a hell of a bone to eat for his followers. Meanwhile, More Champagne will try his last run with Boston, to qualify directly for the latter season.

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