How Joe Biden became “Speedy Joe” in 100 days at the White House

What is life like for former presidents after the White House?

Joe Biden crossed the 100-day milestone at the White House on Thursday, April 29th. 100 days is still a milestone in the United States. It’s a symbol, but also an identifier, a way to see where the former candidate’s promises are and how his presidential decree begins.

One assurance, Joe Biden goes fast. In Washington, The “Sleepy Joe” Received the campaign’s new nickname: “Speedy Joe”. The Democrats, at this point, keep a lot of the promises he made, and he is not being criticized for managing the epidemic. But the hard part is happening because Republican opponents do not want to open the field to this reform hysteria, for which he is already being compared to Franklin Roosevelt.

He can be indefinite Spend trillions of dollars Without effect? Not easy. Anyway, to see how these 100 days went, look back differently The wind of America, Chronological broadcast every day RDL Petit Matt. It allows us to see how things are made, what we have seen or not seen.

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