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Most Islamic countries are inquiring about Eid al-Fitr on Tuesday, May 11th, while there are other countries that have begun the month of Ramadan on Wednesday, April 14th, so these countries will inquire into Eid al-Fitr on Wednesday 12th May, including Brunei in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran, Sultanate of Morocco, Kingdom And many non-Islamic Islamic Arab countries in Africa, so in these countries Eid al-Fitr is on Thursday or Friday.

The director of the International Astronomical Center in Abu Dhabi, Mohammed Shawkat Odeh, said on Tuesday, May 11, that countries inquiring about the crescent would not be able to see the crescent from all over the Islamic world on that day. The moon before the sun and after sunset (the crescent is born), therefore, these countries will complete the 30-day period of Ramadan, and the day of Eid will be Thursday, May 13.

He added that for countries inquiring about the crutch on Wednesday, May 12, it is possible to see the crutch on that day

Arab countries in Asia and Europe, using telescopes from the east of the Islamic world. Crescent viewing is difficult with the naked eye from most continents in Africa, Canada and South America, and crescent sighting on that day is easily possible with the naked eye from the United States, Central America and the North. South America, so most of these countries are expected to be on Thursday, May 13th, while Friday, May 14th may be due to the inability to see the crescent in some, such as Pakistan and Brunei..

Crescent surface calculations at sunset in Abu Dhabi: The moon sets 38 minutes after sunset, its age is 19 hours and 21 minutes, and vision is possible using a telescope. Only, and in Mecca al-Muqarrama, the moon sets 39 minutes after sunset, its age is 19 hours 57 minutes, and vision is the greatest difficulty possible with the naked eye, and in Amman and Jerusalem: 42 minutes after sunset, its age is 20 hours and 30 minutes. Yes, vision is only possible with a telescope, and in Cairo, the moon sets 42 minutes after sunset, which is 20 hours and 35 minutes old, and is difficult to see with the naked eye..


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