Most US and UK companies should force at least some employees to be vaccinated against Covid 19 – RT USA News

Most US and UK companies should force at least some employees to be vaccinated against Govt-19 - RT USA News

Many Americans and Britons will face practical vaccination warrants because a new poll shows that 56% of companies will have to vaccinate at least some employees against Covid 19, in many cases at risk of losing their jobs.

The poll, conducted Thursday by Arizona State University, found that 40% of companies require all employees to be vaccinated against Covit-19, and at least 16% require some workers to be vaccinated. Overall, 88% of companies say their employees should be vaccinated or motivated, and 60% say they need some form of evidence to be vaccinated.

The investigation, backed by the Rockefeller Foundation, paints a grim picture for those planning to endure the blows of Covid 19. The US and UK governments have avoided mandating vaccinations – and may face legal challenges – so the private sector can do it for them. Companies are already laying the groundwork for requiring a “vaccine passport”, and customers must show a vaccine or negative Govt test before accessing certain products, services and events.

Even if many people choose not to travel internationally or go to business places that require proof of vaccination, an employer order can be very complicated. The state of Arizona says 31% of companies plan to take disciplinary action, which could result in the dismissal of employees who refuse to comply with vaccination policies.

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Another 44% said they would not allow non-compliant employees to return to work and 27% said they would change the job responsibilities of disobedient employees. Only 15% said the vaccines were given under emergency approval and did not have the long-term scope required for full regulatory approval, but said no side effects.

The study was conducted among 1,168 companies, mainly large companies with 250 or more employees based in the United States and the United Kingdom. The average company in the survey employs 57% of employees remotely. About 75% expect workers to return to the site within one to six months, but 72% said they plan to deliver policies from home after the outbreak.

Employee well-being is greatly affected during epidemics. Nearly 58% of companies said their concerns about employee mental health have increased and 52% of workers are more concerned about involvement. Other complex issues include the impact of Kovit-19 on irritability, productivity and morale.

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