Luca Doncic tapped it with a seizure

Coup de gueule Mavs pour Luka Doncic

Subject to a number of technical glitches this season, Luca Doncic is sometimes annoyed by his behavior on the pitch. So the former interior of the NBA decided to put it in its place. All we can say is, the news is bad.

Dirty night Luca Doncic. With the exception of Maws’ new defeat against the Kings (111-99, third in two weeks), the Texas owner was sent off following two technical errors at the end of the game. Since the second whistle is not obvious, an exit under discussion is:

If there is a good chance that this technical error will be undone, that sequence will again exemplify the indestructibility of man at times. He tends to talk to referees a lot, which attracts a certain reputation. A point that his opponents, like Kendrick Perkins, did not hesitate to raise. The boy was publicly taken away after meeting a former NBA player:

Luca is kicked out, I see! You bump into him and he has to stop crying when the game changes physically. There are a lot of players in the league and they won’t let you down, Luke! !! God bless America.

While the last sentence may seem obviously irrelevant, it does deserve to be very clear. Berg seems to be having fun in the so-called soft spot of European players, but this has not been deliberately confirmed. However, Tansik should not focus too much on this. In fifth place at Dallas West (36-28), he needed his team to ensure he went straight into the playoffs. Now is not the time to be sidelined.

As usual, Kendrick Perkins did not hesitate to take out the sulfate to destroy a player. This time, the victim was Luca Doncic. It is up to the moderator to prove that his opponents are wrong about him.

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