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La raison hallucinante derrière l'absence de Kyrie Irving NBA

The player was sometimes misunderstood, but undeniably with a big heart, Kyrie Irving had an amazing focus on her teammates. Uncle Drew kills two birds with one stone because his purchase will delight a particular Vanessa Bryant …

The world of the NBA had a very special thought for Gianna Bryant, who celebrated her 15th birthday this Saturday. Several players were on display in costumes bearing his image, Like Devin Booker and all the Warriors.

Kyrie Irving, she went even further by purchasing a Mambasita hoodie for all of her teammates. Thus, an elegant sum will go straight to the treasures of the foundation created to pay homage to the sadly dead Jiki.

Kyrie Irving bought a Mambasita hoodie for each net player

100% of the profits will be donated to the Mamba and Mambasita Sports Foundation, established in memory of Kiana Bryant.

The questionable hoodie worn by Uncle Drew in the photo below:

It is a collection started by Vanessa Bryant, which aims to perpetuate her daughter’s memory and raise money to invest in the foundation.

To honor Gigi’s 15th birthday, Vanessa Bryant started a mammoth dress line, with 100% of the proceeds going to the base. Everything is not already in stock.

The NBA world, fans and players alike are at the call of Vanessa Bryant, starting with Kyrie Irving. Respect.

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