Australia: A terrifying video of hundreds of birds occupying a city

Australia: A terrifying video of hundreds of birds occupying a city

The Invasion of the Birds was filmed in the Australian city of Nowra in late April. These gorillas are known to search for prey in white cactuses, crops and gardens. When they have nothing to eat, they fly to a new place.

The pictures are reminiscent of the picture Birds, By Alfred Hitchcock. At the moment, they are very real. Nowra, an Australian city in New South Wales, has been hit by a spectacular bird attack. Australian.

In a video posted at the end of April on the social network Dictok, which was liked more than 43,000 times, we see the whole bird invading white birds. Whether on lawns, roads, roofs or even power poles, these hundreds of corollas are everywhere. These cactuses have a reputation for destroying everything in their path.

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“They eat everything”

In search of food, they often destroy crops and gardens. “They eat everything and then they go somewhere else,” he said NCA Newswire Professor David Fallon is a specialist in wildlife health and conservation at the University of Sydney. He added: “They are basically nomads, they are looking for food. When they find something they like, they all cut it down.”

Considered endangered, gorillas are still protected by wildlife law in many Australian states. The only solution for residents while waiting for these birds to depart: to protect their gardens.

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