Vaccination in business, tax on big fortunes, May 1 demonstrations … “8H30 Francispho” by Laurent Berger

Laurent Berger, Secretary-General of the CFDT, was in Francinefo on Saturday, May 1, 2021.
Laurent Berger (FRANCEINFO / RADIOFRANCE) General Secretary of the CFDT at Francinefo on Saturday, May 1, 2021

Laurent Berger, The Secretary-General of the CFDT was a guest on Saturday, May 1, 2021, at 8:30 p.m. Vaccination in business, tax on big fortunes, May 1 demonstrations … He answers questions from Jules de Kiss and Mariam Enkova.

Vaccine: Companies “Have a Stock”

“Anything that can promote the vaccine” In the company, “It has to be done”, Said Laurent Berger. “I believe that companies, like employee representatives in companies, play a role in encouraging employees to be vaccinated. Therefore, we must encourage. This means that we are not there at the health center to receive vaccinations to monitor how long the employee has been at work.”

In the United States, to promote the vaccine, some companies offer their employees paid leave, refundable travel, or gift certificates. “I’m not in gift certificates. I think it’s a trick. But at work, when a lot of staff at a site are vaccinated, it’s easy for professionals to come in., Urges the General Secretary of the CFDT.

Youth: The “Big Investment Project” funded by the contribution of the rich

Although US President Joe Biden has announced that he wants to impose a rich 1% tax to revive the economy in the wake of the health crisis, in an interview with regional newspapers, Emmanuel Macron welcomed the recent tax cuts and said he does not plan to tax the biggest fortunes this time around, including the end of the wealth tax. “The president says no, the president is wrong”, Introduced by Laurent Berger. “I call for a large investment program for young people, which has taken a large number and is very dear to this crisis. It can be funded by exceptional contributions from the rich for two years.”

“Young people have taken a huge toll on employment, income, social life and access to culture. Laurent Berger continued. For example, my children have not had the same substance for a year. To revive, we need a comprehensive investment plan to compensate young people. It can be funded by the contribution of the highest fortune. “

May 1 “Alpha and not omega of union mobilization”

After being banned last year due to imprisonment, the May Day protests are back on Saturday. The CGT, FO, FSU and Solidaires are calling for street marches, but not the CFDT, which has decided to organize a virtual demonstration.

“This International Day of Labor and Labor is very important. It is an international day, Laurent Berger recalled. This is not only the moment to expose our demands, but also the moment to expose our international unity. We didn’t say it was enough. May 1 is everywhere in the world today, but it is not the alpha and omega of union mobilization. “

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