The woman was killed and half eaten by a brown bear in Colorado

The woman was killed and half eaten by a brown bear in Colorado

The body of the victim was not far from their home by his comrade. This is the fourth such deadly attack in the state in 60 years.

A 39-year-old woman died and ate half of what appeared to be a brown bear attack in Colorado, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), which manages parks in Colorado. US Government. These facts occurred Friday near the town of Durango, near the border with New Mexico.

“Bear attacks are very rare,” said Cory Sick, CPW’s Southwest Regional Director. In a press release, Which marks the fourth deadliest attack in Colorado in sixty years.

The victim was found by his comrade in a ditch near their residence. He had gone for a walk with his two dogs, he told local police, who spoke last morning. When he returned to their home at 8:30 pm Friday night, both dogs were out of the house. He then went in search of her and found her body an hour later before alerting emergency services.

The bear and its two euthanized cubs

CWW officers sent to the scene found the body exhumed and traces of brown bear hair. With the help of a team of dogs, they searched the neighborhood and found a woman and her two puppies, which were euthanized and taken to a laboratory for autopsy.

“This is a tragic event and a sad reminder that bears are dangerous wild animals. As a precaution, bears have been removed for public safety. We urge the public to report any encounters with the aggressive bear to the CPW,” Cory Sick said.

According to the CPW, nearly 20,000 brown bears live in the wild in the state of Colorado.

Melanie Rostagnot PFMTV Reporter

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