Deconfinement in London in Vanessa’s view, a foreigner for a few months from Eure-et-Lower

Vanessa, on the right, left Eure-et-Lower to study English in London.
Vanessa, on the right, left Eure-et-Lower to study English in London. (© DR)

She was looking forward to this moment, and with her testimony came more than one saliva February 2021, Vanessa Auto, a young resident Saint-Lucian (Eure-et-Lower), Near Mainton, He left France to study in England.

A language trip he also planned One and a half year. “I initially left last May, a year ago,” the young woman explains. Add: “The purpose of my dormitory is to learn English to do an internship or even work there”.

After getting her English lessons in the morning and a little work in the afternoon, Vanessa finally leaves Eure-et-Lower In early 2021. “With restrictions, when I came to London, I had to do a fortnight”, at the hotel he rented.

The terraces reopened for ten days in London

After all the negative tests, she can finally go to her London apartment and start the adventure.

At the time, England was in a “locked state”, a prison different from France. Shops, bars, restaurants and schools are closed, but we can go out and walk down the street without masks.

VanessaForeigner in the UK

Instead of being marginalized by nature, Vanessa develops friendly relationships, and for ten days or more, she “never had such a developed social life”. “Even if I’m social, it’s good”!

“People eating on the terrace at 4 pm”!

For good reason, the UK has reopened the shops and terraces of bars and restaurants. According to the young woman, “everything is taken by storm” in London.

Booking in advance is mandatory and people even come to dinner from 4pm, which is crazy. We have the intention to live again. “Time” is right, I do not regret going to England this time!

VanessaForeigner in the UK

Vanessa, who wants to stay Until August 2021 Before returning to France to start a master’s in London, even consider doing Vaccine Across the channel.

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