Australia: Return from India is banned and those who try now face imprisonment

Australia: Return from India is banned and those who try now face imprisonment

Anyone attempting to join, starting May 3, 2021 Australia First Pinde Will be fined , 6 66,600 (42,000 euros) or five years in prison – or both. “An activity recognized as”SevereBy members of the Australian Government.

Earlier this week, the government decided to ban all flights from India Two Australian cricketers Tried to return secretly via Qatar. On Friday, April 30, in response to this story, Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt announced that he was strengthening border control measures: “The government has not taken this decision lightly, but it is important to protect the integrity of the Australian public health system and its isolated system, which has reduced the number of Govt cases to an acceptable level.“. This action will be reviewed and corrected on May 15.

That was charged Irresponsible There are still 9,000 citizens in India, and the government spoke out on May 1 and fully accepted that fact. “Severe“Decisions taken”Medical advice was obtained“. In India, every day, 350,000 new Covid 19 cases are identified and 3,000 people die from it, partly due to lack of oxygen.

Since the onset of the epidemic, Australian health rules have been very strict, can we read this? Guardian. Authorities have the right to limit a person’s contact cases, regular reports of his or her health, limit his or her movements to his or her place of residence for a period of time, perform various sampling, and vaccinate. Go to solitary confinement in a special structure.

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