The highest number of Australian rugby in Kovit’s face

Rugby perte amateur
By Benjamin Voland | On 04/30/2021 at 7:03 pm | Updated on 04/30/2021 at 19:44

This is the number that lowers your spine. The rugby team lost $ 27.1 million during the Covid 19 epidemic. The amount that could have the most drastic consequences in the future of Wallaby.

This Thursday, the annual general meeting of Australian rugby was held. On the main topics: The enormous losses he suffered. When released, its chairman, Hamish McLennan He said he was very nervous about the meeting. And for good reason. The oval balloon is not exactly today. Due to the Covid 19 epidemic, it lost .127.1 million in revenue. An amount with more weight. To deal with the crisis, budget cuts have already been made. As a result, staff costs fell to $ 9.9 million, players’ expenses to $ 7.7 million, union funding to $ 8.1 million and other and other expenses to $ 5.5 million. Yet according to the president McLennan, That’s not enough, the losses that the Australian rugby union could become amateur again.

To prevent such a situation from occurring, Hamish McLennan Shared his intention to follow New Zealand Federation, ” All blacks Or open up foreign investment in Australian rugby. Recently, The Blacks, I saw the American company, Silver Lake, Buy 12.5 percent of their trade rights. Enough to fill the treasures, but the practice does not suit everyone’s taste.

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