L’ailier français des Los Angeles Clippers, Nicolas Batum, a dévoilé sa ruse pour déstabiliser ses adversaires durant les rencontres

Nicola Bottom is the leader of all clippers in one important statistic

Nicholas Bottom, who was sometimes ridiculed at a very critical time in Charlotte, is taking rebirth from his ashes in Los Angeles this season. Proof? He is a position that dominates all of his teammates. சுப.

At 32, Nicola Bottom has had one of her sweetest seasons in the NBA. After the last very hard years with Hornet, Batman came back to the clippers and ma silenced all the opponents who were in his path. A short distance from the end of the season, the French are running at 8 points, averaging 4.8 rebounds, which is very good at 41% out of three points.

In a team that is often destroyed by injuries and absence, the bottom is a metronome, almost always or almost. Calvados’ origins are very simple in the minutes he has played for the Clippers this season!

  1. Nicola Bottom – 1686 minutes
  2. Paul George – 1608 minutes
  3. Kavi Leonard – 1581 minutes
  4. Ivica Zubak – 1437 minutes
  5. Reggie Jackson – 1371 minutes

One sign, if anything, is the confidence Tyrone Lou holds in his senior player. Together with the alliance, Batman quickly transformed himself into an indispensable figure who could accept the role of the Swiss military knife in the absence of enemies and in profile. Already, his presence in the cycle for the playoffs is a certainty for the California.

A good snap for those who have already seen him from the former Blazers. In the latter season it is to be stabilized and maintained at a high level. Because if the Clippers have a good team on paper, appearing too uncertain at the start of the playoffs will push them.

So it is not necessary to tremble, to resist the ugly thoughts of the famous series against Denver, and finally to pass a course for a revenge team, and to comply with the league’s royalties.

Most precious of all, Nicola Bottom is the clipper who has played the most minutes this season. A statistic that says a lot about his physical strength and his daily contribution to the organization of Tyrone Lowe. We check!

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