Father Stevenson says “they are weak” but “they were not physically abused”

Father Stevenson says "they are weak" but "they were not physically abused"

Two French Catholic priests were released on Friday, April 30, after being abducted in Haiti on April 30. “Are weakened” Further “They were not physically abused”, Says Francinefo Father Stevenson of the Society of Priests of St.-Jacques, who belongs to these two religions. I was able to meet them Friday morning when they were released, along with seven other hostages.

Catholic clerics abducted in Haiti on April 11 released, including two Frenchmen

“I saw them at 2:30 this morning, and when they arrived, we received them at our regional home. From time to time there were some psychological pressures, asking their leaders to put pressure on the politicians so they ‘were released, but they were physically kept.”, Says Father Stevenson.

“Right now, they are being treated at the hospital and they are under very strict medical supervision. They have not been able to eat or drink properly for about 20 days.”

Father Stevenson, St.-Jacques Priests Association

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“In the French father, there is an extraordinary mental strength, Father Stevenson describes. When I told him we were going to the hospital, he immediately said ‘no I don’t need this, I feel better, I feel better, I can even go home’. We can feel this mental strength that is not present in this very old sister. She doesn’t have the same mental strength. “, He describes.

He brings it back “Both sides are crying” At the time of reunion. “This is a tear of joy. It is a great relief. At the same time I say to myself that this is not the end of the fighting in the country because so many have been abducted … say it is Nana, in the church or community, a reflection must be made, the actions to be taken, the situation, the course to change It is possible for a country to live and come to a good country because it is possible. “, Says Father Stevenson.

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