EC: Recyclable, recyclable and topically applied zero waste eyelid dye compound

EC: Recyclable, recyclable and topically applied zero waste eyelid dye compound

« As a mom and a millionaire, I wanted to offer my daughter a selection of truly sustainable beauty devices that are beyond the standards of the current clean beauty movement. “, To explain Shannon Goldberg, FounderEasy Zero Waste, With long experience in the field of beauty. ” By 2050, oceans are expected to contain more plastic than fish. If we are to give our children a chance to get out of this tomorrow, we must do something drastic to change this cycle. .

The first product offered by Young American Films is a vegetarian, clean, reusable, recyclable mascara, carbon neutral certified and locally sourced. A The real technical challenge, With the peculiarities of this type of product, cleaning often consists of many components associated with difficult formulas.

A steel bottle

Surprisingly, packaging is an integral part of this cosmetic invention. Zero waste is a type of dye compound that is fed to the eyelid hairs a Steel pipe Medical quality made in the United States, no plastic components, designed to be refilled.

If zero waste mascara fromEasy There is 94% less plastic than the one-of-a-kind dye compound brands that feed globally, and the applicant and the ringer are unable to use another type of material. However, these plastic components are formed into zero waste by presence Crushed and repeated Create new ones.

Easy Zero waste beauty It also guarantees low traffic-related carbon emissions through the local supply chain. All the suppliers needed to make eyeliner are located within a radius of 400 miles (about 640 km).

A circular T2C model

To achieve its sustainability goals, the brand is set A sample Direct consumers In the subscription.

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By becoming a Zero Waste member, customers receive a sterilized and filled eyelid every three months, ready to use, and a prepaid return envelope that returns to the eyelid at the end of its life. Subscriptions start at $ 35 (about 29 euros), of which you have to add $ 19 (about 16 euros) every three months, but for $ 39 (about 32 euros) you can test the mascara without subscription.

Reusable envelopes made from recycled materials come with a type of dye compound that is fed to the eyelid hairs without secondary packaging.

Designed to be refilled and refilled more than 10,000 times, and once returned, the stainless steel tubes are sterilized and refilled. ” Even the water from the three purification processes pending patenting is reused rather than discharged into the sea , Says the brand.

Other similar initiatives have been launched around the world. This is especially the position of the American company Ace of Air It was recently introduced in a long-term revenue and long-term packaging filling model such as a moisturizer, serum and food supplements.

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