LE LIÈVRE D’AMÉRIQUE Irish Cultural Center, May 29, 2021 – May 29, 2021, Paris.

Exact date and time: Saturday, May 29, 2021
6pm to 11pm.
Mirelle Cogne – Literary Night 2021 presented by the Canadian Cultural Center

Year of issue: 2020

Version: Law People

Performed excerpts: Mirelle Cognay


Diane’s body slowly tries to adjust. She sleeps less, becomes stronger, and develops impressive endurance. The model employee he once had can still excel at work. However, the undoubted consequences of her intervention now frighten her. The space in her head is tight and she feels metal instead of bones. Everything is sharp – his vision, smell, breath. Panic height, his hair and hair will turn completely red overnight. Then the men start following her.

Fifteen years ago, Diane had a summer of her youth on the Iron-Ox-Cruise, the days of those rough seas that Eugene dared to endure, his friend’s lust for dangerous creatures and – how he – turned it into a night of fire.

The novel, a neo-liberal animal myth, is aimed at those who have lost their way.


Mirelle Cognay was born on the Isle-Ax-Cruise and lives in Quebec City, Canada. Since 2010, he has published books of poetry and short stories. Snoshu Hare is his first novel.

Again this year, the entire literary night is completely virtual and can be seen FICEP website !

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Irish Cultural Center 5 rue des Irlandais Paris 75005
7: Location Monke (472m) 10: Cardinal Lemoine (475m)

Contact: FICEP – Forum of Foreign Cultural Institutions https://www.ficep.info/nuit-de-la-litterature https://www.facebook.com/LesCulturesEtrangeresAParis https://twitter.com/FicepParis

Animations -> Reading / Meeting Kids; Family; சினிமா; Teenagers
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