Russia bans eight European leaders from entering the country, Bulgaria adds Moscow to the list

Russia bans eight European leaders from entering the country, Bulgaria adds Moscow to the list

World organizations say Russia today banned the entry of European Parliament Speaker David Sasoli, Berlin lawyer Jர்க்rg Roubach and six EU citizens.

The ban comes in response to a report by the Russian Foreign Ministry on March 2 and 22 this year. By EU control measures against six Russian citizens.

Vera Eurova, vice president of the Electoral Commission, Latvian Electronic Media Council Ivor Apollins, Maurice Baldins, director of the Latvian Center for State team, member of the French delegation to the Council of Europe, Jack Mer, chairman of the Defense Research Institute for Chemical, Biological, Radiation and Atomic Energy Osa Scott, head of the Department of Language Ilmer Tomuskin.

The Russian Foreign Ministry ignores all plans for Brussels Moscow, which resolves issues arising through dialogue. At the same time, the report quoted Washington as saying it was not trying to cover up its interest in turning the European continent back into a hotbed of geopolitical opposition.

Last month, Reuters recalled that the European Union had imposed sanctions on two Russians accused of harassing members of the LGBT community in the Chechen Republic of the Russian Federation, as well as four top Russian officials close to President Vladimir Putin.

Commenting on the news of the imposed sanctions, President EP Sosoli said the decision was made because of his position, and that the AFP had been exposed for defending the opposition, Alexei Navalny.

“I was not welcomed in the Kremlin. I had some doubts about that. But any obstacles or threats will not stop the EP or me from defending human rights, freedom and democracy. Threats will not silence us,” Sassoli said. Your Twitter account.

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“Russia 1”: Bulgaria enters Moscow’s list of hostile countries

Stopcather: TV “Russia 1”

The Kremlin, according to information close to Russia 1 TV, lists Russia’s adversaries entering areas called Bulgaria. It is still being prepared and is expected to be approved by the government.

It was made a week after President Vladimir Putin signed an order to implement countermeasures against foreign-friendly actions.

A spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed that the United States would be on the list. According to Russian state television, this includes Britain and the Czech Republic, as of yesterday Bulgaria.

However, the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry commented that they had no information to keep such an official list BTV.

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