Lina Kaud Tri, an Algerian rubbing shoulders with stars in Hollywood

Algerian actress Lina Kaudri revealed by the poppy film to capture the paradise of American cinema Hollywood. The beautiful Algerian is in the American picture “French shipment”, The role of a young activist. This is director Wes Anderson’s latest film.

With stars such as Benicio del Toro, Adrian Brady and Leah Cedox, the young Algerian actress will appear in the latest film by talented director Wes Andesson. Lina Coudry will play alongside Tilda Swindon and Elizabeth Moss, but will play alongside Owen Wilson and finalist Bill Murray.

Image type date has not been determined yet.

Also, the film stars Timothy Solomon as the boyfriend of a student activist who plays Lina Coudry. “French shipment”, Written and directed by comedy-drama Wes Anderson, whose release date has never been known. However the film received the label of the Cannes Film Festival 2020.

The film “The French Dispatch” is scheduled for release , Then adjourned Covid 19 was postponed due to epidemic-related activities, but it has not yet been determined. The film describes a set of life French In 20e Century collected by a journalist from the United States.

Apart from Lina Coudrey, another Algerian who has already proven herself in Hollywood, Sofia Bodella will star in the new science fiction film “Settles”. Beautiful Sofia will be the first Algerian to walk on Mars, the frame of the film, where she will play the main character, mainly on the red planet.

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