In London, the airport control tower is now empty

In London, the airport control tower is now empty

OhIt is not immediately clear whether there is a pilot on the plane, but a controller on the tower. At least if other airports follow the example of English capital. London City Airport has become the first major hub with a digital control tower, according to reports. The Independent.

Do not panic, the air brooms will still be monitored and controlled by human eyes, but they will rotate on screens located more than a hundred kilometers away. The typical building is replaced by a 50-meter tower surrounded by 14 high-definition cameras for 360-degree viewing, two of which are equipped with rotating cameras with a high-speed powerful zoom, capable of magnifying an image thirty times. . The data is then sent to the city of Swanwick via an independent and secure network.

“Developed Truth”

For the airport, the addition of digital, audio, visual and radar data allows flight operators to benefit from the “advanced reality” at a cost of மில்லியன் 23 million. It took two years of testing before this system was set up.

“This investment in smart infrastructure will help meet the future growth of passenger demand, improve air traffic management and improve our capabilities as aircraft recover from epidemics,” the director told the British newspaper. Airport activities.

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However, we will have to wait a while to measure the impact of the investment. In fact, between the announcement of the project and its implementation, the air traffic at London City Airport was divided into fifteen due to an epidemic.

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