At the end of the day, Isaiah Thomas begs a group of networks

At the end of the day, Isaiah Thomas begs a group of networks

After a brief shooting in the Pelicans recently, Isaiah Thomas was not retained by franchise. The leader is logically disappointed, as evidenced by his last post on social networks.

Completely recovering from a hip injury, Isaiah Thomas has not given up hope of returning to the forefront of the NBA. A year after healing himself, but waiting, the captain got his chance with the Pelicans this 2020-21 season, where he was only able to play in 3 games.

11 points against the Nets, 10 against the Hawks, and then 4 minutes of playing time for his third game, that’s all: this is the record of the little leper on the Louisiana side. Suffice it to say that the front office did not want to put it, and The leaders quickly explained why.

As teams continue to distribute 10-day contracts, ID has not given up on the idea of ​​re-enforcing this training. When the playoffs come, he knows an opportunity will change everything, and he wants to capture it. On Twitter, he posted a new message hoping that some executives would listen to it.

It only needs one team! Give me a real chance to be a part of something and show the impact it can have on me whether I play or not. I am ready

Thomas is in a good mood and doesn’t even need a significant amount of game time. He wants to be part of a team, even off the bench, with the firm intention of showing that he is capable of doing good. An inspiration that can be read by some teams who dream of a good run in the playoffs.

For now, no lead seems certain to the former member of the Celtics. The owners are very reluctant The 3 best names were recently cited as a possible place. There is interest, but will a front office take action? This is the whole mystery.

Isaiah Thomas, who is keen to play, hopes to find a team before the playoffs begin. His time at the Pelicans has been positive, but is it enough to convince other owners? We need to get it fixed quickly.

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