XV of France. Les Blues will play during the week during the Australian tour

XV de France. Les Bleus joueront en semaine pendant la tournée en Australie

France XV: Will Australia tour be postponed?France XV: Will Australia tour be postponed?Uncertainty arose over France’s XV tour in Australia. But FFR President Bernard Laporte confirmed that the Blues would perform better in the Southern Hemisphere in July: “We will play in all three of our matches“. South West Thus reporting the words of the tricolor leader, it indicates that the Australian team is keen to host international matches on its soil. Like its European and Southern counterparts, it has enjoyed Big financial problems Many matches were canceled and due to a global epidemic of lack of supporters in the stadiums. The latter returned to the matches Super Rugby. But the financial downturn is not the equivalent of international meetings.

So those against the Blues will happen this summer, but a new step Calendar. Scheduled for the first three Saturdays of the month (3, 10 and 17), They have been republished as 7, 13 and 17. Or a Wednesday, a Tuesday and a Saturday. The first in the context of the conflicts between these two countries. The reason is that the entire French team on Australian soil will have to respect fifteen days. This, even if some components are vaccinated. For example we know Rosalys Ground His players want to get vaccinated. Accidentally need to fly one or two injections of Aldrite or Thulin Australia, They must adhere to the same protocol as their team members.Top 14: State Rosalys wants to vaccinate its employeesTop 14: State Rosalys wants to vaccinate its employeesThis complicates the preparation of triangles. In fact, we are reminded of the final First 14 Held on June 26th. Or one and a half weeks before the first match. What to do to get employees to leave The first group of players to qualify for the finals Of the French Championship. We can only imagine that they will be the semi-finalists who played on June 19th and will fly on the 20th or 21st. Therefore, the components that pass through the entire product for the first shock in fifteen days. If Fabian Kaltik decides to invite the finalists, they will only act for the second meeting, but especially the third.

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