With Rudy Cobert, Jazz records the rights all the time!

Rudy Gobert Utah Jazz

Despite public skepticism about their chances at the playoffs, jazz players continue to score this regular season. The last game against the Kings in particular was a return to the butcher shop. After all, Utah had a chance to break a right.

With the best record in the NBA, Utah (45-17) continues its massive game. As a result, conflicts against the weakest teams quickly turn into a carnage game. This was verified during Jazz’s last victory against Sacramento. In a one-sided game, Rudy Cobert’s team will win with a river score of 154-105! This is a historical mark because Jasmine violated a right:

Most points in owner history

As a reminder, the previous record has been making claims in New Orleans (153 points) since 1978. The amazing thing about this story is that the Mormons achieved this with and without their backcourt holders, Mike Conley Donovan Mitchell. This does not prevent you from placing 40 points or more over three quarters of the match! A new proof for some that this team is not just spinning their back star:

Check out this beat. The jazz win without Donovan Mitchell shows that this team is the best thanks to their coaches and leaders. Mitchell is not a man team that takes a lot of shots while playing. They play even better because the ball is in motion.

It is clear that everything in this game worked just like clockwork. In addition to the Boktanovic-Clarkson doubles and Rudy Cobert doubles-double (12 points, 10 rebounds) in 47 points, the rest of the team showed good things, starting with the famous unknown Matt Thomas shooting from 17 points to 7/7, including 3/3 of the distance in… 9 minutes! One thing is for sure, these kinds of amazing trips in the playoffs are decisive. So it’s up to Queen Snyder’s players to do them again.

Unstoppable against the Kings, the Jazz men can congratulate themselves on this new record, especially in the absence of key members of the team. They send a message to the whole league: Come on, we are waiting for you.

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