Never seen since 1967

Never seen since 1967

Canada has never lost its Grand Prix in history for two consecutive years since Formula 1 Circus’ first tour of the Mossport in Ontario in 1967.

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Like last year, it was announced on Wednesday that the country’s most important tourist event will not take place in the Gilles-Villeneuve roundup in mid-June due to the epidemic.

The betting hit the calendar on four occasions before experiencing the same fate this year.

First, in 1975, a disagreement between the owner of the circuit and the F1 team (merged into an organization called Foca and directed by a specific … Bernie Ecclestone) was first canceled.

In Montreal in 1978

Considered to be very dangerous and did not respect the safety standards imposed at the time, Mosport was already living on the road at the time of the loan. Thus, after returning to F1 in 1976, two years later it was knocked out by Montreal.

In 1987, the epic battle between Preseries Molson and Lapatte led to another cancellation of the Canadian Grand Prix, this time in the round named after Gilles Villanueva, who had won the opening race at the All Notre Dame in 1978.

Peace until 2031

The fight lasted only a year since the return of the F1 in 1988. But, 11 years later, despite the ever-increasing demands of the greedy Ecclestone, the amateur was still held hostage.

Fortunately, this interruption will only be temporary in 2009.

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The following year, F1 returned to Montreal for good. By the way, a new agreement guarantees that the race will continue until 2031 (two more years are included in the current agreement), as announced at a press conference on Wednesday.

Another era

Times have changed a lot since the acquisition of US company Liberty Media F1 in August 2017. One may wonder whether, under epidemic rule, two consecutive cancellations of Grand Canadian prices would have been accepted, whether epidemic or not.

“We are in another world,” advertiser Franசois Dumontier argued. We are talking about two completely different management styles here. “

But it is worth noting that other countries pay large sums to host F1 in their territory. And the demand continues to grow.

“We have a good understanding of everything I say,” Dumontier said. “

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