Navalny unrecognizable in court "I look like a skeleton without clothes" -

Navalny unrecognizable in court “I look like a skeleton without clothes” –

An unidentified Alexei Navalny, who appeared in a short video link from the Pokrov prison during the trial in the Babushkinsky district court in Moscow, finds a senior soldier slandered: yesterday they took me to Suna to make me beautiful. “If I take off my clothes, I’m as bad as a skeleton,” said Russian opposition leader Radio Echo in Moscow.

The activist started it The hunger strike In jail on March 31 to ask for adequate medical treatment for leg and back pain. However, he had announced on April 23 Step-by-step results Strike after independent doctors are allowed to examine it.


Meanwhile, the opposition was forced to step back. Leonid Volkov, One of Navalny’s key allies, announced on the Internet that it was dismantling the network of jailed Russian enemy offices. The news comes after the Moscow prosecutor’s office ordered the suspension of the offices: a network of activists covering almost the whole of Russia. Unfortunately, working in such conditions is impossible. Volkov told the Medusa news agency that we are officially dissolving the Navalny office network. Navalny’s regional offices and the opposition’s anti-corruption fund are under investigation for terrorism, but there are many who believe the allegations are political in nature.

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