Easy was attacked by Walmart for the logo

Easy was attacked by Walmart for the logo

Walmart blamed the American company, which specializes in mass distribution Kanye West for wanting to use a logo similar to his …

We know that, Kanye The West, which has established itself as a major player in the fashion world, has been able to create a huge empire with more than a billion dollars with Yesi. But such success will never come without its participationDangers And issues, eKim Kay’s ex-husband has had a bitter experience in recent days. Based on information from Fashion law, Giant American specializing in mass distribution Walmart decided to file a complaint against him. The brand alleges that Kanye filed for his brand last year, Logo very similar to him. For this, lawyers Walmart Sent a letter to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office explaining it The symbol of Yesi had 8 dotted lines, each with 3 shadow circles symmetrically arranged in the shape of sunlight, their only difference being that all 6 rays are solid.

Walmart logo on the left, Yesi logo on the right

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Logo to link to in Business Kanye ?

The offensive logo is truly a symbol that illustrates the future connection between all businesses Kanye West, so the rapper especially likes to use it to represent Easy. Thank you for the world famous brand Sneakers, But Atlanta’s native wants to create through clothing lines, music or even hotels. For its part, Walmart has sought to compensate for its use of the logo since 2007, particularly in the hope that justice will prevent its use. In more words Company, Its logo “has become a popular distinctive indicator for the brand, as well as the services and products it offers”. After all, the company invests in such areas Easy Music, clothing or retail services can be confusing. Therefore, it is necessary for both parties to manage to resolve this issue before their investments are substantial, thus avoiding any lawsuits that could affect their actions and risk large sums …

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