Viral video of a woman apologizing when she was beaten by the Taliban in Afghanistan

Screenshot of the video A woman 40 lashes by a Taliban executioner in Afghanistan. (Source: Facebook / Less Viewers)

ACCEPTANCE, KOMPAS.TV – Video of an Afghan woman being attacked 40 times by the Taliban goes viral. The viral video came amid a planned withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

The video shows a woman getting a haircut from two men for about 80 seconds.

A crowd of residents witnessed the brutal punishment of a woman accused of having an inappropriate phone conversation with a man.

Before processing, a man with a white beard could be seen leading to the center of the circle in front of a woman wearing a burqa.

The audience, which included local men, gathered in a circle.

One of the adults, a white-bearded man, appears to be serving as a Taliban ‘judge’. Then another man beat the woman.

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