The first of three houses for Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

The first of three houses for Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

In the last few games, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. had a very difficult time. He had 10 straight batting appearances and was out in his first battle against Max Scherzer.

He got up from there.

Against Max Scherzer, Vladimir Jr. scored a Grand Slam in real time. After all, Zeus lost 3-0, on a swing, to give his team the lead.

Did you say clutch?

Then, after hitting the left side, he hit the center – again against future Hall of Fame member Max Scherzer.

This time the paths were empty.

He decided to challenge himself. Vladdy decided to push someone into the opposite field to create the sixth and seventh points of the evening.

On his own, he gave Jayas a comfortable lead. Jayce eventually lost that lead and won 9-5.

Tray Turner hit two long balls… but he did not choose his day to notice.

Keep in mind that his father never had three home games in his career. Speaking of seniors, he was delighted to see his son give such a performance.

Due to his seven Reserve Banks and three long balls, he became the youngest player in history to perform such a feat.

And more and more, we feel that weight loss has done good for Jr.. At the end of the match he does not leave the steam, and he manages to deliver such shows.

Tonight is the game that makes you think that Guerrero has left his mark on the junior baseball game. It’s a game he remembers.

Yes, we would love to see him in the round robin competition at altitude in Colorado.

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  • Bad news in Miami.

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