Pierre-Oliver Lestage near the NFL, quiet

Pierre-Oliver Lestage near the NFL, quiet

Although he has not played a game since the fall of 2019, like other Canadian university players, the 23-year-old has managed to attract the attention of a handful of U.S. teams preparing to re-emerge. Their weapons in the NFL draft on Thursday via Saturday.

The opportunity to sign a draft or contract as a free agent makes him smile. Three new Quebecs in particular will enter the big league in the coming days.

In addition to Lestage, Cornerback expects Benjamin Saint-Justin to draft, while the tight end Bruno label is also interested in training.

I’m a little nervous and a little feverish, I trusted the Colossus in an interview with Radio-Canada Sports. I do not have high expectations and I am glad that my name is in the discussion and is seen as a player who can make it to the NFL. It is flattering, but I moderate my expectations.

It is noteworthy that his name is already in the discussions. The path to the NFL for Canadian footballers is already complicated, and it becomes even more bumpy when football seasons are canceled and boundaries closed.

In a better world and without COVID, Lestage could have confirmed his immense potential by dominating with carabiners in his fourth season. He will then take part in the East West Temple Cup in Florida, which includes a week of training, followed by a game for some of America’s best opportunities.

Then, in March, he reportedly recruited recruits from NFL teams one day during physical tests to evaluate his skills, which served as a benchmark between opportunities. This is the path he has followed, particularly those of Laurent Duvernay-Dortiff, Anthony Ackler, Matthew Bates and Mark-Antoine Decoy.

We know the rest.

There is no season, no East West Temple Bowl, no endeavor day because NFL allows players to be kept in their hometown or even on college campus. This winter, Lostage trained in Tennessee.

Has given way to face-to-face virtualization.

Since the spectators were isolated for 14 days, the teams would not have sent their men to Montreal, Lostage said without bitterness. So, we did the same experiments on filming ourselves and sent the videotapes to the teams. Sure, I would have liked to show what I can do in front of my teammates and my relatives, but with COVID we have to forget nature.

I am even more satisfied that I was given the situation to be able to achieve my dream, he adds. I hear good feedback from some teams. I can not guarantee anything, but I think I am in a good position anyway.

Neither Lestejo nor his agent Sasha Guamio wanted to reveal how many teams were interested. Both do not want to create unnecessary expectations.

A footballer dressed in white and blue is about to block a competitor dressed in red.

Pierre-Oliver Lestage during the game of carabiners

Photo: Courtesy: Carabins / James Hajjar

We know he is a great footballer and his 2019 videotape has impressed many teams, says Gawami. He took a different journey last year, and he has shown a lot of regression and adjustment. We want to get a chance.

Although Lestage says he did not surprise anyone with his physical tests, he believes they have confirmed that he has the next draft opportunity. At 1.90m and 140kg (6’3 in / 310 lb), he is not great for a player in his position, but his aggression in the sport makes him a strong opponent.

He says my tests did not allow me to cross the list of recruits. I have gaming ability and now my main calling card is my videotapes.

He also had the opportunity to compete with some American hopefuls during the tropical cup in February. Again, conditions are not optimal for Lestage who has not put on shoulder straps for more than a year.

He also had to adjust American rules, which were slightly different from those of Canadians. If the first day was difficult, he recovered well in the second training and competition.

I knew I was going to rust. Lostage says the first day didn’t go exactly right. I don’t want to say the first day should be forgotten because I learned a lot, but the other two days I was able to be solid. I’m glad I was able to add footage to my videotape and prove my worth against some American opportunities.

It would be nice if we could go to the United States to show what I can do and answer selectors’ questions about my ability to adapt.

This week he worked hard to play at the Lestage Center, especially with his friend and roommate Dmitry Morand, the quarterback for the carabiners, mainly as he evolved into a guard.

I’m very comfortable in the guard position, but I’m learning the central position of having more tools in my toolbox, Lestage says. The more versatile I am, the better my value.

He can also count on the disgrace of coach Paul Alexander, who specializes in lineman work to improve his candidacy.

CFL draft after NFL

Whether he was selected in the NFL draft or not, Lostage is sure to hear his name in the Canadian League draft on May 4th.

He ranks 7th in CFL opportunities and one of the first 16 opportunities to play college football in the country. In fact, they are only 3 out of 20 ranked players.

We do not have a season, so it is difficult to evaluate us, Lestage analysis. I’m not angry about it, but I find it a bit unfortunate. Those on the list are Canadians, but they have been playing under American rules for three or four years. This is the Canadian League with Canadian rules.

Of course, he grew up watching the Alloutes game and wants to find his former coach Danny Maciosia on the other side of Mount Royal. Except that for the first time in Montreal, in theory, speaking in 10th place.

I can not wait, I will play where I was taken, even though I am a boy from Montreal, he said. The NFL exists, but the CFL is a good professional league and I would be very happy to play in that league.

Meanwhile, Lostage will live on both drafts, almost reuniting with his family and loved ones, especially since he may have already come to a camp in the United States at the time of the CFL draft.

In 2021, if we want to focus on the essentials, it often goes through zooming.

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