One of the “worst ‘hacks in Apple’s’ software’ history is being infected by Max

Los Mac sufren "uno de los peores 'hackeos'" en la historia del 'software' de Apple


28 abr 2021 07:11 GMT

All Apple computer users are advised to update to the latest versions of the operating system with Big Sur 11.3.

Mac computer owners are “at high risk” of being hacked by hackers, who have been exploiting them since at least January and due to a vulnerability that set up Apple devices’ security systems more than a decade ago, warns former U.S. National Security Patrick Wardl. Agency analyst and Magos security expert, he spoke with Forbes.

The hackers created a virus that could bypass all modifications to Apple’s security measures, such as Keeper Keeper and File Isolation, and use a logical error in the MacOS code, which the user must download anyway. Allows you to open an app with or without the App Store or company.

This Monday, Apple tapped into the vulnerability of its operating system He began Update Big Sur 11.3, Protects against such ‘hacking’. Meanwhile, Wardlin’s advice is straightforward for all Mac users who have not yet updated their Mac: Do not open anything from anyone. The expert described the newly resolved issue as one of the worst ever to hit Apple’s operating system.

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The new ‘malware’ that manages to bypass the security of Apple computers was reported to cybersecurity analyst Cedric Owens, who discovered it in mid-March.

Jaron Bradley, another Mac expert from cybersecurity, explained Monday Jomf, Which is a modified variant already known ‘Malware’ Schiller. Cybercriminals often use it to automatically display spam on a device, allowing them to make money from fake clicks and promotional footage.

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