Brief MLP: Yadier Molina placed on injured list | Mike Duchman in San Francisco

Yadier Molina was on the injured list

The 38-year-old has hit .323 this season.

Mike Soroga is not expected to launch until June

That is what John Morosi announced earlier today.

Sam Kennedy opens that Sox will get supporters

As of May 10, 10,000 supporters are expected to be admitted to Fenway Park.

Transaction between Giants and Yankees

Mike Duchman goes to San Francisco, and Vandy Peralta goes the opposite way.

Error making people talk

Chris Paddock’s ERA took a bite out of a corrected bug against Jurisdiction Proper.

The Royals will receive 17,400 fans

Like Sox, it will be in May.

Terry Francona was inspired by the work of his pitchers

Indian pitchers have been an issue to counter hitters since the start of the season.

Tansby Swanson burned the sage, helping the Braves get out of their awkward streak

All the way is good!

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