Survivors: Australia, suffocation

Survivors: Australia, suffocation

Twelve years ago, by an irresponsible adventure at sea with his best friend Olivia, two men who came to rescue them go missing in the waves. From this tragedy, many locals are skeptical of Kieran.

Rarely, the body of a young woman is found on the beach: Olivia’s roommate. All eyes were immediately on Kieran. Was he a good father who had the misfortune of experiencing the insults of a small individual community? Or is he really a bad guy? The truth will come to light soon …

In a breathtaking Australian setting, just as it is threatening, Jane Harper once again demonstrates her immense ability to re-create intrigues and family relationships beautifully, while wild nature plays a primitive role.

Actualite gives you the first pages, with the title release pending in bookstores on May 5th.

Journalist Jane Harper has worked for print media in Australia and the UK for many years. She lives in Melbourne. His first novel, Heat wave Suitable for cinema, acclaimed by magazines and critics, was a bestseller internationally, and won the 2018 Polar Pocket Book Reader Award. Survivors His fourth novel.

[À paraître le 05.05] Jane Harper, Trott. David Faulkberg – The Survivors – Coleman Levy – 9782702182796 – 416 p. – 21.90

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