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Released on April 27, 2021, “Work Progress” highlights the various ways in which one can give meaning to one’s work, both inside and outside the company. Through the evidence, the speakers outline the definitions of tomorrow’s work and share suggestions that will be useful to managers. Here are two axes created in the work progression. Samuel Durand, job change consultant and director of this documentary.

I did not realize how important the concept of partnership was before the tour This documentary. However, everyone I asked what tomorrow’s job would be like told me it would be collective.

The office is no longer the place we go to produce, the component of this work can be done outside the walls of the company, at a time that suits everyone.

If we go to the office tomorrow, it is more about rediscovering than professional human relationships, the times for informal exchanges that collectively keep corporate culture alive! Yuko, a YouTube channel YouTube user, emphasizes how lucky he is to be working on a daily basis with his best friends for the past ten years. It’s great when the success of a business is simulated by joint and interested groups.

Tomorrow’s missions will be joint

This concept of partnership is more important than ever when we are mainly working at a distance. When the project mode is well integrated, everyone can work asynchronously in their tasks, and working time is quickly reduced to a simple process of production. But the company is so much more than that, it’s above all a team, a collective, community of people sharing the same vision, sometimes the same values, the same interest in a product and service and recognizing each other for their talents and responsibilities.

While ensuring that no member is excluded, the manager’s role is to ensure that this collective mindset takes shape and develops. A task that takes time to understand the different profiles that make up teams and to integrate them around regular highlights.


Tomorrow’s work is built on trust

Another lesson to learn from the documentary is the importance of trust in your relationships. Basecamp is not only a pioneer in the implementation of delivery work, but also in a whole series of integrated management innovations during the company’s development. If all the activities implemented are operational and the turnover rate is very low for twenty years, mainly the relationships within the company are based on trust and no space is left.

Similarly, job advancement exemplifies Lauren’s profile, having worked in the marketing department of an American company for more than three years. Every year when he works he travels to ten countries, he is a digital nomad! Her boss is not interested in the country she is in, but in achieving her goals. Lauren’s lifestyle can only function if you have established this relationship of trust, which is the basis of any attempt to integrate the future work company with the company.

Quoting William Gibson, David Heinmeier Hanson recalled, “Tomorrow’s work is already a fact, and it has not yet been fully disseminated.” The best way to integrate the work future into your company is to look around yourself, be interested in what is happening elsewhere, study good practices and adapt them to your own daily life and with your company. In the era of creators, the infinity of content is now available online in all possible and imaginable forms, all we have to do is find it and make it our own.

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