Clubhouse reaches the Big Bang by merging with the NFL


Last March, Clubhouse recorded a 72% drop in downloads compared to February. Instead of being defeated, the application tries to restart where we did not expect. Social Networking The National Football League (NFL) has formed an alliance with the National American Football League.

Throughout the week, following the site draft, this is a very important time for owners to hire young talent. As a reminder, this system allows very low ranking teams to benefit from first choices, which ensures a certain fairness over time. As of yesterday, Clubhouse owns several audio chat rooms where users can follow the selections directly or listen to the reactions of athletes, coaches and sports experts.

The NFL and Clubhouse have everything to gain in this exchange

A contact is also planned, and some web users will be invited to ask questions or share their thoughts on the draft. For the NFL, the deal is a godsend by allowing it to reach audiences that are inconsistent with its regular audience. Physical distance is a way to get closer to the fans while still being in order.

Clubhouse can also get a lot out of this exchange. The NFL is actually the most popular tournament in the United States, and one can measure this excitement every year on the occasion of the Super Bowl, which is talked about all over the world. So it strengthens the image of the site and in the end it may provide ideas for other partnerships.

As a reminder, the social network faces stiff competition from other web companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn or Spotify, which offer similar audio chat options. Recently we were wondering if the clubhouse was already dead. However, the future is not yet written, and the question is whether audio discussions will take the form of a social network, or be as simple as stories.

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