A tunnel is to be built between Tallinn and Helsinki / Gordon

A tunnel is to be built between Tallinn and Helsinki / Gordon

The agreement was signed by the head of the Estonian department Tawi Ass and the Finnish Minister of Transport and Communications Timo Haraka.

The Tallinn-Helsinki tunnel project is the first step in integrating it into the pan-European transport network. The news says it is necessary to apply for co-sponsorship of the project by the EU.

“We have to do research on ecology and profitability, we are still far from designing … Estonia and Finland are difficult to implement this project on their own, so we would like to attract co-financing from the EU and seriously consider the possibility of involving the private sector in the project,” Ass said. .


  • Launched in 2016 The project plans to build a tunnel about 100 km long and 200 m deep in the Gulf of Finland. The journey time of the high-speed train from Helsinki to Tallinn is expected to be about 20 minutes Reuters.
  • According to the plan, the tunnel will have four train stops between Helsinki and Tallinn airports, especially on an artificial island in the Gulf of Finland.
  • Gusta Walton, founder of Finest Bay, said in February that the tunnel could be completed in early 2025 if its route is completed this year. Yle… It is estimated that it will take two years to drill this tunnel.
  • Estimated cost of the project – 15-20 billion.

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